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If none of the following frequently asked questions address your issue, please call (866) 425‑7837, email, or submit our Problem Report form.  If you are looking for a particular STEP staff member, please visit our STEP staff page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for a course? (Return to Top)

Please watch our registration tutorial video.

I am enrolled in a course; how do I access it? (Return to Top)

Please watch our one-minute introductory video about logging in.  After watching the video, click on the “Course Login” button in the top-right corner of this page.  You will need to enter your email address and password; when you arrive at the opening page of the course system please click on your course’s title in the gold bar near the top of the page.

I forgot my registration or course system password; how do I reset it? (Return to Top)

To reset your password for the STEP registration system, visit the store home page and click “Log In” to go to the Registered User Login page. Then enter your user name, leaving the password field blank, and click “Email Temporary Password”.

To reset your password for the course software (Sakai), visit the Password Help page, enter your user ID (usually this is an email address), and click the Send Password button.

What if I have never taken an online course before? (Return to Top)

Online learning is new to many of our course participants. Each course contains orientation material to ensure you are adequately familiar with the software in order to enjoy the course.

What kind of computer and software do I need? (Return to Top)

To participate in a STEP online course, you need a computer (PC or Mac), Internet access, and a browser.  Please submit a Problem Report for questions about video content in a course.

For all courses, Notre Dame’s online learning environment supports the use of Internet Explorer (version 8.0 or later), Chrome (v.16.0 or later), Firefox (v.8 or later), and Safari (v.5.1 or later).  Course video may require Internet Explorer version 9 or newer, or the latest release of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

Can I use a tablet or phone to take a course? (Return to Top)

While many mobile devices are compatible with the system, and we at STEP appreciate hearing our students’ experiences with new technologies, we recommend having access to one of the above browsers in addition to any mobile devices you may use.

How do I clear my web browser information or cache? (Return to Top)

Clearing your browser cache can help with a number of different issues related to the course software and the video player. The following links may help you find instructions specific to the browser that you are using:

What are STEP’s payment, refund, and course cancellation policies? (Return to Top)

STEP Payment Policy

Courses: Students who enroll in a STEP course are required to pay for the course prior to the start date of the course. In the event of a late registration, the use of a credit card by the student is required.

STEP Refund Policy

Courses: A full refund will be given to students who, for whatever reason, wish to drop a course before it begins. No refund will be given after a course begins.

STEP Course Cancellation Policy

For a variety of reasons STEP may have to cancel a course. Students enrolled in the cancelled course will receive a refund. They will be encouraged to enroll in the next available session of that course.

When will my course certificate arrive? (Return to Top)

If you have met the requirements to qualify for a certificate of completion for your course, a certificate will be mailed to you two weeks after the end of the course session. The end of the session is determined by the end date of the longest running course in that session.

How long will I have access to my course? (Return to Top)

Each STEP course will remain available until one year after its end date. After the end date, you will not be able to add new comments. You will be able to review all course materials, resources, and conversations.

What if I am not “computer literate” or not familiar with the Internet? (Return to Top)

Many of our course participants identify themselves as having “beginner” or “intermediate” skills with regard to using the Web. Technical support help is provided, and our staff responds promptly to any questions participants have about using the course learning environment. Our courses contain online orientation and Help features to ensure you are adequately prepared to participate in and enjoy this learning experience.

I’ve been out of school for a long time and have never studied theology; would these courses be right for me?

I teach high school theology and have a Master’s degree; would I still get something out of these courses? (Return to Top)

Whether you’ve been away from a classroom for 40 years or four months, we are convinced that you will benefit from the course material and the opportunity for discussion and shared inquiry with other adult learners. Course participant education levels range from high school to postgraduate degrees. The only prerequisite for our courses is a desire to learn and share with other adult Catholics interested in faith seeking understanding.

Can I get academic credit for these courses? (Return to Top)

Our courses are not for academic credit; rather they seek to serve the continuing education needs of pastoral ministers and adult Catholics. Participants who complete course requirements receive a Certificate of Completion. Some of STEP’s affiliated dioceses use our courses as part of their formal ministry formation or continuing education programs. Some course participants have been able to use our courses to satisfy requirements for diaconate continuing education or degree programs through other institutions. Certificates of Completion issued to those completing a STEP course note the number of “contact hours” associated with the course.

What books do I have to buy? (Return to Top)

Most course readings are provided online, although some courses require the purchase of a text.  Check for the details of a specific course in its description in our Complete Catalog.

Are credit card transactions on STEP’s website secure? (Return to Top)

Yes, STEP uses the TouchNet Payment Gateway to process all transactions securely. The page where you enter your credit card information is a secure order form provided by TouchNet that uses SSL (secure socket layer) encryption.

Whom do I contact for help? (Return to Top)

For assistance with technical questions, course login, or questions concerning STEP programming and course content, please call us toll-free at (866) 425-7837, email us at, or submit our Problem Report form.  STEP’s normal operating hours are from 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday through Friday. (Return to Top)