I'm a School Teacher

Now more than ever, Catholic school educators need resources to develop a deeper understanding of the Catholic faith. STEP’s introductory course, Catholic Faith and Tradition for School Teachers, is designed specifically for Catholic school educators.

STEP welcomes all adult Catholic school personnel, from those with advanced degrees in theology and ministry to those who are not Catholic. In Catholic Faith and Tradition for School Teachers you will find an accessible course, with questions that challenge you to apply Catholic doctrine to your school experience:

If you have questions or would like to schedule a customized group session, please contact our Catholic School Outreach Coordinator, Lisa Orchen.

The Catholic Faith and Tradition Course for School Teachers was a perfect way to become a certified catechist. The combination of a great textbook, ease of completing assignments at my convenience and great feedback from the teacher and classmates made the 6 weeks fly by. I would recommend it to anyone. It sure beats going out in the evening to take classes in the winter. It was also nice to meet and chat with students from all over the country. The Facilitator always had positive comments and provided a variety of ways to engage us individually and as a group. - Patricia T., Fifth Grade Math and Science Teacher

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STEP offers over fifty courses to deepen your understanding of Catholicism and to meet diocesan requirements. Subject areas include:

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