I'm a Deacon

Continuing Education

Join the deacons who have discovered that STEP offers the highest quality theology at the most affordable prices in the most accessible medium!  Almost every bishop establishes clear continuing education requirments for deacons in active ministry.  Most of these requirements range from 15 to 30 contact hours annually.  Almost any course from STEP's catalog can meet these requirements. 

Visit our complete list of courses and find one that meets your needs.  If you want some advice about curriculum or course content, please call us at (866) 425-7837 or send a message to stepnd@nd.edu.

Diaconate Formation

Since the National Directory (PDF) recieved its second recognition from the Vatican, many dioceses have focused on developing high quality formation programs for deacon candidates in their respective dioceses.  STEP has been a part of this development through positive relationships with the National Association of Deacon Directors and individual dioceses.  STEP is very familiar with the demands and requirements for diaconate formation programs.

STEP provides affordable, accessible, and high quality theological instruction, leaving you to focus your diocesan resources on the other pillars of diaconate formation.  In addition to courses, STEP has added a unique assessment process especially for deacon candidate cohorts.

For more information, please email stepnd@nd.edu or call (866) 425-7837.