I'm an Adult Catholic

“More and more adults want to explore their Catholic faith for all kinds of reasons: to grow spiritually, to answer their children’s questions or maybe to talk with their Baptist neighbor,” explains David O’Brien, Associate Director of Lay Development for the Archdiocese of Mobile, Alabama. “STEP makes quality Catholic theology affordable and accessible for people.”

All Are Welcome

First and foremost, STEP is an online learning program for adult Christians and Catholic Christians anywhere in the world who wish to deepen their faith lives through greater knowledge of Catholic doctrine, sacred Scripture, liturgy and other areas of theology.  STEP engages you with high-quality, yet accessible and enriching, theological education.  Technology meets theology in our online course system that allows you to study and dialog with other students at any time of the day or night.  Online learning fits into your busy schedule.  Come learn along with others who share your desire to understand the Catholic faith more deeply. 

Take a Course

STEP's courses are offered with open enrollment and open admission.  We schedule courses throughout the year; most courses are six weeks in duration.  You can search and register for any of our publicly scheduled courses in our course catalog.

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Not Sure?

If you are not sure what course to take or are interested in suggestions and guidance for a program of personal study, please call or email the STEP staff.  We are happy to share information about courses and offer suggestions about how to approach various areas of study.