Thomas Cummings


     We have over 20 partnerships with different Catholic institutions, and largely our partnerships serve diocesan programming.  Online learning is very flexible.  We can easily tailor many courses and services to meet your needs.  Costs are negotiable.  Our main goal is to help you help the faithful in the area of education and formation in the faith.  The information below will give you a sense of what's involved in a partnership, but don't hesitate to call.  I would be happy learn about your ministry and mission in order to see if STEP can help.


Benefits of Partnership

Launching a relationship between your diocese, school, or other organization and STEP will enable you to utilize the theological resources of Notre Dame’s faculty to fit specific needs. Here are some of the ways in which a partnership with STEP can help you accomplish your educational mission:

  1. Discounts on STEP Online Courses
    • Participants in our scheduled courses will receive a 20% discount per course.
    • We will help you advertise courses and promote student participation.
  2. Customized Schedule with STEP Facilitation
    • We will run an existing course specifically for your group of participants according to your schedule.
  3. Customized Schedule with Local Facilitation
    • The same as above except, for greater local involvement and tailoring of course objectives:
    • You will provide a local facilitator, who holds at least an M.A. in theology, who STEP will train.
  4. E-Learning Workshop
    • STEP will provide local e-learning workshops for your organization.
    • The workshop will be most effective in a computer lab, but can be held in any meeting room.
  5. STEP Student Assessment Program
    • This program is for students of initial formation programs, lay or diaconate, who partner with STEP to provide the theological component of the formation program.
    • Its aim is to provide formation directors with a strong assessment of the theological competency of their candidates for ministry.

Contact Us

If you would like more information or to express your interest in partnering with us, please contact the Director of STEP, Mr. Thomas C. Cummings, by calling 574-631-4535 or by sending an email to