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Theology Online in a Vibrant Learning Community

STEP provides opportunities to learn from experts in theology, along with others who share the desire to understand the Catholic faith more deeply.  Explore topics through readings and video lectures from prominent theologians.  Post and reply in classroom discussions.  Participate in real-time classroom conversations.  Use recommended resources to explore further.

STEP offers over 50 unique courses throughout the year.  Active and experienced pastoral ministers facilitate the courses, ranging from four-week book groups to seven-week, in-depth theological explorations.  Like traditional classes, online courses have instructors, classmates, course materials and assignments.

Recommended Courses

Because you work in ministry, we presume a certain level of theological literacy.  With that in mind, we encourage you to check out the following courses.  Each offering provides a high level of both historical and theological content:

Go to our complete list of courses to explore more.

Overall Certificates in Catholic Theology

In response to the Alliance for the Certification of Lay Ministers, STEP created an overall certification program.  The STEP Certificates of Catholic Theology program allows you to pursue a more focused study of a particular theological discipline.  The program provides directed readings from the selected subject area, includes individual tutorial, and requires a final synthetic paper based on an agreed-upon thesis.  Visit our program page to learn more.