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Collaboration in Shared Mission

In successful partnerships, both parties bring their strengths to support a common mission.  Working with STEP's academic offerings enables you to create a complete program with your local staff and local resources.  A relationship between your diocese or institution and STEP places the vast theological resources of the University of Notre Dame in service to your work.  STEP’s formation approach can be tailored to your specific needs.  Some benefits of affiliation include discounts, customized schedules, and the opportunity for local facilitation.

One Example of Partnership

STEP works with the Diocese of Salt Lake City's three-year Lay Ecclesial Ministry Formation Program.  The program uses STEP for theological education.  Online theology courses allow those in the rural areas of Utah the same opportunity as those in Salt Lake City, while at the same time reducing diocesan expenses. "The diocese’s intention is to provide a top level theological education for leaders of the Catholic Church in Utah, We chose to partner with the University of Notre Dame Satellite Theological Education Program. Courses are highly affordable and the schedule accommodates people who are balancing the demands of family, employment, and service to the Church," according to Susan Northway, Director of Religious Education for the Diocese of Salt Lake City.

How Can STEP Help You?

STEP tailors every partnership to the needs of the local diocese or organization.  Please review our partner information page and email stepnd@nd.edu or call (866) 425-7837 for details.